• Technical assistance for Fotona Medical Lasers, point of reference in the Central and South Italy.
We do regular and corrective maintenance with the exclusive use of original spare parts and regularly calibrated Laser Power Meter support;

• Technical assistance and certificate of A-dec, Planmeca and OMS Dental Chair; installation of new and second-hand devices with the use of material for high quality connection. We perform regular and corrective maintenance with original spare parts following the protocols recommanded by the producing firms;

• Installation and maintenance of Engine Rooms for Dental Clinic; qualified technical service Cattani and Durr Dental.
The use of high quality materials, to install Compressors and Surgical Pumps, underlines the importance and the relevance we give to these devices. Indeed, even though these sections are not in plain sight, they represent the basis of a Dental Clinic and need to receive a proper maintenance. Therefore, a well-planned and kept Engine Room contributes to a better operation of the instruments of the Dental Clinic;

• Repair in loco of Dental turbines and handpieces thanks to the exclusive use of original spare parts coming from Europe and U.S.A. In particular, we use ceramic bearings made in Germany and U.S.A. and perfectly balanced rotors coming from Europe and U.S.A. to repair the Dental turbines;

• Installation and assistance of Planmeca and Carestream Dental equipment for digital radiology. We attend the whole installation process, from the mechanical phase to the software one. We do regular and corrective maintenance to guarantee the right alignments and calibrations, essential to get advanced medical imagings.

• We provide an excellent maintenance service for autoclaves, with qualification and original spare parts for Euronda, Melag, Dental-x and Cominox products. In addition, when the repair takes a longer time, we offer our clients the chance to receive a replacement autoclave.
Our company must not be considered only in terms of business: rather, it is the way we try to give a positive contribution to the environment we work. We test and check any procedures – this is particularly relevant for sterilization equipment – for we take care of the final patients!

• Electrical Safety Test (EN 62353) is not just a matter of bureaucracy. Indeed, Health and Securety at work, for both workers and patients, are our main goal to achieve through our regular testing. This is the way we try to do our best to provide our customers with high level services:
1) We keep on training in the only one trade association officially recognized by the Ministry of the Economic Development;
2) Our Measurement tools is in a continuous process of development, aimed at performing the most specific tests;
3) Our equipment is calibrated in one of the qualified Italian Centers Accredita LAT.